Thursday, September 3, 2009

FAIL: rob bank, leave wallet, oops…

A bank robber recently made it easy for the cops to look for him by leaving his wallet behind in the bank.

This genius, 51-year-old Lloyd Virgil Barclay, is said to have placed his wallet on the teller’s counter and passed a note demanding money.

He got the money, a whole $800, according to the Bethlehem Pennsylvania police, and forget to pick up his wallet. Just like in that great movie “Forest Gump” when he said, “Stupid is, as stupid does.”

The wallet came with his personal roadmap of two photo IDs, a Social Security card, and a Philadelphia criminal registration card! Authorities viewed surveillance footage and easily concluded that Barclay was the man who robbed the bank.

Barclays from Philadelphia. He’s been charged with robbery and other offenses. Authorities are still looking for this guy, but I suspect it won’t be too long before they have their man!

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