Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama wants to make kids smarter, pissing off conservative blockheads

Brothers Cale and Billie Joe Blowhard, are leading the nationwide protest agin’ their kids getting city-smarts from a black man.

They know that no damn Yankee understands their deep-rooted values, and fear the President will encourage their youngsters to think for themselves.

Conservatives nationwide, still smarting from their ouster from power last year, are planning to do dumb shit things like keeping their kids out of school so they don’t hear the President speak.

Some of these concerned citizens are even walking around with weapons to make the point that no one is going to violate their 2nd Amendment rights.

What this has to do with Health Care, or the President trying to brainwash our children, I don’t know. They probably don’t either, but “that don’t matter none!”

They keep saying they want their country back. Who took it over? Answer: The majority of Americans that believed the Republican Party was running this country into the ground…that’s who. What we really have here, is a bunch of sore-assed losers that won’t accept what the majority of Americans want.

Hey! Get over it!


  1. Actually no.

    What we have here is - for 8 years the schools did not even have a picture of the President on the wall, though there had always been one before. Now, all of a sudden, miraculously, the same people who would not even put up a picture, want to say we should all sit still and listen to this important message from the PRESIDENT - a very important position and a very important man.

    What we have here is a President who has taken everything that has anything to do with the Presidency and turned it into campaign material - from his RIDICULOUS and pretentious "office of the President Elect" seal plastered all over everything in sight to his using the office of the president - the White House - the full power of the United States Government - to use to ask you, Dave, to turn in your neighbors, people like me for insurrection, for "spreading disinformation" - for asking questions about an idea that isn't even fully formed - but that Congress was being pushed to VOTE THROUGH IN A BIG HURRY WITHOUT ANY DISCUSSION - you were to tuen me in to

    And not a peep from all of you who objected to the Patriot Act. But hey, they were going after terrorists, real ones, and Obama is going after those you have labeled "Republican" and "Tea Baggers" the term coined by tea-bagging expert Anderson Cooper. Aren't you proud?

    What we have here is a President who while campaigning used children in ways no one has seen since the days of Hitler. Sorry but it is a fact. What you have here is a President who said he wanted a civilian army, who outlined plans for mandatory public service for little kids - 50 hours for grade schoolers and 100 hours for high schoolers. Then srudent loans and college admission could be withheld if you did not comply.

    Where were all of you who object to compulsory service?

    What you have here is a man who has shown utter disrespect for our system of government - appointing 36 Czars with extreme activist views and connections, who bypass any oversight by Congress, and who could not pass a security background check. He doesn't even have the respect for his office enough to choose people who could pass that security check.

    And you think that people who object to these things, who object to being vilified simply for asking question of their out of control Congressmen, are so despicable - and YOU who as a journalist should have an open mind - are so willing to sling this shit.

    I'm disgusted.

    And I don't want Obama's shameless propaganda driven paws anywhere near my kids. telling them to volunteer at the point of a gun while his wife wears $500 tennis shoes to serve in the soup kitchen.

    Maybe you ought to read the questions that were to be asked of the Children - saccharine tones of "What is the President saying to me? What does my President want me to do? What can I do to help Obama?"

    The very fact that he is rewriting that little gem out of his speech tells you something. The people who have raised concerns were right.

  2. It's obvious that we see the same things - from a different point of view - thus the difference.

    Whose right?

    There's no answer to that question.

    We both feel strongly and see the world from different angles.

    Agreeing to disagree - allows us both our viewpoints - which we both put in our blogs. Then we let the readers decide if we have a good argument.

    Yes, I'm a journalist (albeit retired)who does not write straight news - I write opinions. There's a big difference.
    Keeping an open mind about a straight news story is imperative.
    Laying out an opinion is an expression of my thoughts, and if they seem close-minded to you remember I'm giving my view. If my view seems close-minded then that's your opinion.
    I'm entitled to mine okay?

    Opinions aren't about popularity contests Rose...

  3. You're certainly entitled to yours - AND SO ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE SPEAKING OUT - I'm asking you to consider why you are characterizing normal people this way? Did you do that with the tree-sitters? Women In Black? Or were they politically correct and thus escaped the scorn?

    Dave, despite your partisan viewpoint, you need only look at the SIGNS the various factions are carrying. If you can't see that one side is made up of normal people who have serious questions about this massive proposal - and the OTHER side, Dave, is made up of heavily backed astroturfers - all you need to do is compare the real grassroots signs, hand scribbled and filled with personal thoughts to the slick, prepackaged ACORN/SEIU signs.

    When you see that, just stop and think.

    Think about what is going on here - the demonization of people who are asking questions about an IDEA. Asking questions about a BILL that was to have been pushed through with NO SCRUTINY. A Bill that is purported to be about "reform" but has NO PROVISIONS for tort reform, a bill that gives the IRS and some newly created Czar broad new powers - if YOU don't have serious questions about that, but are just willing to demonize those who do just because either you are a Dem and Obama is a Dem, or you want free health care - I don't know what to say to you.

  4. First off, I was out-of-control on this post. I should never write when I'm that angry.

    Yes, I can see these positive points in opposition to the still-evolving health care reform bill.

    Conversely, can you see the other side - that a majority of people in this country voted him into office? Americans want change Rose.

    There has to be a compromise somewhere...or it's going to be business-as-usual for the medical lobbyists and others profiting from the broken system we now have.


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