Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Backmann making noise about running for prez


Quick quiz…

Q- Who’s even crazier than Sarah Palin

A- Rep. Michele Bachmann

Bachmann is on the verge of running for president. Her handlers say she’ll make the announcement this month. What’s her platform you ask? Why is she running?

To get rid of Obamacare which she says is a socialistic gem in our government. Forget the economy. Forget jobs. Forget the war in Afghanistan. Forget unemployment. Forget about the perilous condition of our education system or our country’s crumbling infrastructure.

Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite who sits in the same Ivory Tower as other extreme conservatives, is probably the most unqualified candidate to become a president. Even Sarah Palin knows more about government than Bachmann. That should tell you something right there. 

She says she’s a "rock-ribbed, constitutionalist conservative” which translates into a “rock-headed extremist.”

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