Friday, May 20, 2011

Palin has ‘fire in belly’ for presidential race–but even she knows she doesn’t stand a chance

Sarah Palin is probably the last of the 2012 presidential candidate poseurs.

Now that Trump and Huckabee have given up the teasing charades, and Gingrich, Romney and Pawlenty are clearly in, Palin is milking her last moments left in the sun before she inevitably bows out.

Thanks to her interview with Greta Van Susteren last night (5/19/11), we even know what her excuse will be – her concern for family. Nevertheless, she wants you to know, “I have that fire in my belly.” In the meanwhile, if you have any propensity for motion sickness, pay no attention to that ever-shifting goal post she keeps setting for the media about what they should and should not ask a candidate.

You may recall that on Wednesday night (5/18/11), Palin spent a good deal of time on Hannity where she first said candidates have to be prepared to deal with and overcome gotcha questions. Then, later, in the same interview, she advised that candidates should just ignore any reporters who play that “game.”

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