Saturday, June 4, 2011

Did Sarah Palin try to sabotage Mitt Romney's rollout?

She rolled into New Hampshire the same day Romney announced his candidacy. And she slammed RomneyCare. Is that really a coincidence?

In Boston, Thursday, Sarah Palin suggested that Mitt Romney's "support of government mandates" in health care might doom his presidential hopes. Then she traveled to New Hampshire, her first such visit in three years, and held a clambake at a home just minutes from the site where potential GOP presidential rival Romney launched his campaign hours earlier. Palin insists that the timing of her visit is "coincidental." But Palin's "improbable coincidences" just keep piling up, says Jay Newton-Small in TIME. Is Palin trying to sabotage the GOP frontrunner?

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While we’re on the subject of Sarah Palin, lets take a look and hear her version of Paul Revere’s ride (note: no bells were ringing during the historic ride! Only those in Palin’s head.)

Palin’s school teacher father is probably hiding in a hole somewhere with both fingers in his ears!

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