Thursday, June 30, 2011

Looking for a presidential Campaign slogan

I know I still have time, but I really need some help in coming up with a slogan for my campaign now. Without a campaign manager to foist this task onto I’m forced to come up with a slogan…unless you come up with one! I’m open to all suggestions.

Let me share what some other presidential candidates have used to inspire voters:  

Here’s a couple of fairly recent ones that ring with irony:

2004 George W. Bush “Yes, America Can!”

2008 Barack Obama “Yes We Can!”

Going back:

1840 William Henry Harrison: “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.”

1856 John C. Fremont Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, Free Men, and Fremont

1860 Abraham Lincoln “Vote Yourself a Farm”

1900 William McKinley ”A Full Dinner Pail”

1928 Herbert Hoover “A Chicken in every pot and a car in every garage”

1960 Richard Nixon “For the Future”

1964 Barry Goldwater “In your heart you know he’s right”

1964 Lyndon B. Johnson “All the Way with LBJ”

1976 Jimmy Carter “Not Just Peanuts”

1984 Ronald Reagan “It’s Morning again in America”

1988 George Bush “Kinder, Gentler Nation”

1992 Bill Clinton “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”

2000 Al Gore “Prosperity and Progress”

2000 Ralph Nader “Government of, by, and for The People...Not the Monied Interests”

2004 John Kerry “Let America be America Again”


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