Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bachmann's clinic tries to cure gay patients


The spotlight is on a clinic run by GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's husband, which reportedly tried to counsel two gay, former patients that prayer would cure them of their sexual orientation.

ABC News reported Monday on the controversial therapy used by Bachmann & Associates, a Christian-based counseling clinic run by Marcus Bachmann, on Monday night. The clinic is co-owned by the Minnesota congresswoman.

The "path for my therapy would be to read the Bible, pray to God that I would no longer be gay," Andrew Ramirez told ABC News, who went to the clinic as a high school student in 2004. "And God would forgive me if I were straight."

Ramirez's story was first reported by The Nation last week. The ABC story included secretly taped video by a gay activist posing as a patient.

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