Friday, July 22, 2011

Campaign News: Tea Party members show why they’re considered extremists

This presidential election cycle is being influenced by an intolerant group – the Tea Party, and they’re out to show people why it’s their way or the highway!

Think about how sick these Tea Party bullies have to be that they posted this video of them running off a peaceful low key Move On get together at a public park as if it would make them look good:

Run off a bunch of (mostly older female) people who disagree with you and then start shouting about a “Free America!” and then post this video boasting about how they ran off people with different opinions … what a load of crap. Anyone who can’t see the Tea Party for the fascist bullies that they are this point is blind.

They are a bunch of idiots who have been fooled into doing the dirty work of the corporate elite. On one hand I am sorry for them that they’ve been fooled into fighting against themselves. But on the other hand they are a big part of the problem in this country right now. If we have a government that is mostly concerned with pleasing these nuts we will not have a government that works for the good of all Americans.

It’s even worse than the video portrays: According to this news story on the confrontation the Tea Party thugs followed this group to one of their homes (where they moved the meeting after being run out of the public park) to continue their insane “protest.”

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