Thursday, July 14, 2011

Candidates that are clearly going nowhere fast


Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich, newt-clown

Any far right wing Tea Party momentum Cain had has been taken over by Bachmann. Gingrich’s campaign is the very definition of a sad clown with no audience.

Pawlenty seems to be making no (zero, nada) impression on GOP voters. He joined Santorum in the 1% club during a recent popularity poll. tim_pawlentyREDO-350x520

                            Rick Santorum

imagesCA4NSYW9 Even Right-wingers think there’s something seriously wrong with Rick and his 1% poll rating recently, tells that story.


                         Ron Paul

His campaign is going well in outer space, but not so well here on earth.

He needs to shake things up to get noticed. After all, he’s got some true wackaloon opponents who are younger and even crazier than he is!

Jon Huntsman

Former Obama ambassador and two-time governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, has been hopping around the country with his fiery message of moderation which has been met with small audiences and lots of yawns.

Question to all six:

What the hell are you doing even running?

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