Sunday, July 10, 2011

Part I :Presidential candidates you may not have heard of

There are more than just two parties fielding candidates, but they don’t have the mega millions needed to saturate the media with their messages.

So, many of you never hear about the rest of the campaign field. I feel obligated to share with you who they are. This is Part One of an ongoing series: 

Declared 2012 Green & Socialist Presidential Candidate

Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander

Political Activist
Stewart Alexander

Introduction Head-to-Head

In terms of hedging your bets, the 59-year old former radio talk show host has it down pat and
probably created a little bit of history for himself in the process. Alexander has declared his
candidacy for the Oval Office seat with an unprecedented three different political party; the Green
Party, Socialist Party and Peace and Freedom Party. This will be Alexander’s first attempt for the
office after failed Vice-Presidential bid in 2008.

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