Saturday, July 16, 2011

The search for a campaign manager continues

It certainly hasn’t been easy trying to select a campaign manager who’ll help guide me to being the next Grand Po Bah President…

alienfor prez

Thus far I’ve interviewed some interesting candidates from this planet. But then I got to thinking, “Hey! why limit myself?”

Call it serendipity; I was contacted by a Martian (pictured here) recently who wants to interview for the position!

In his resume, he assured me that he has a good understanding of human politics, and is the ultimate outsider with no ties to the Washington establishment. Of course, this is important to me, as I too seek to be an outsider looking in.

The only drawback I can see is for this candidate is how to pronounce his name: Ultimgooghic Buenioposkkle. I wonder if he’d be okay with a nickname that’s easier to pronounce like “Slappy?”

graphic source

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