Sunday, August 21, 2011

The ass from Texas has bankers drooling with the thought of deregulation

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (left) is showing his colors early as he basks in public with bank bigwigs and talks about bank deregulation like it’s a good thing for the people.

Please! This ass from Texas is making no bones about who he’s going to take care of in this country if he gets elected.

Check it out: 

“A top Bank of America executive was caught on camera yesterday whispering to Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), “Bank of America. We’ll help you out,” as the GOP presidential candidate attended New Hampshire’s Politics and Eggs breakfast.”

The executive has been identified by the financial website Zero Hedge as James Mahoney, Director of Public Policy for the bank. Mahoney is on the board of directors for the New England Council, the sponsors of the Politics and Eggs breakfast.”

There’s some things you should know about Mahoney:

“But far from being just a regional banker, Mahoney is a key national executive. In a statement about the incident, bank spokesman Lawrence Di Rita told Politico the only “help” Mahoney was offering was nonpartisan policy expertise. Di Rita said Mahoney does policy and not lobbying for the bank. This unsolicited reassurance from a top Bank of America emissary comes just days after Perry appeared to publicly threaten the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.”

A longtime love affair between Perry and BOA spells bad news for the common man:

“Over the years Gov. Perry has benefited greatly from Bank of America’s financial support, and it appears that largesse will continue as he seeks the presidency on a platform of — coincidentally enough — bank deregulation. His gubernatorial campaigns have received$125,900 from Bank of America’s PAC and executives since 2003. During the 2010 cycle alone, Perry’s campaign received $30,160 from the bank’s PAC and executives. According to Texans for Public Justice, Bank of America has also given generously Republican Governors Association, which Perry led until recently and just happens to be his largest donor, contributing $4 million between 2001 and 2010.”

All the banks in American want Perry in the White House. Hell, why shouldn’t they?

“It’s no mystery why banking executives are rushing to give Perry their support. Of all the GOP candidates, Perry is the most fervently opposed to banking regulation. As Matt Yglesias pointed out, in his book Fed Up, Perry expresses the extreme view that all banking regulation and consumer financial protection is unconstitutional.”

After reporting obscene profits again last year, BOA is busy buying votes for Perry and laying the groundwork for a future with little or no rules.

“Bank of America in recent weeks has been engaged “in the corporate version of a yard sale.” The bank announced that it will be cutting at least 10,000 jobs, and laying off 3,500 workers this quarter alone.”

Perry and the nation’s banks promise to loot the middle class if he’s elected…

from Nation of Change

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