Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bachmann wins poll, but everyone’s talking about Perry and Romney

In Iowa last week, a spirited Republican debate gave presidential candidates the chance to introduce themselves. Some of them for the last time, it turns out, after the straw poll that followed on Saturday.

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Despite the fact that Michele Bachmann was the winner, all the pundits are saying the race will boil down to two main competitors: Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

In fact, one headline this morning suggests: Bachmann not even in the race

She isn’t getting the love from as many secret major donors as Perry and Romney.  

Perhaps she’s just too scary, and making babies cry.

75124261-us-congresswomanWhich is too bad. I was looking forward to her and Sarah Palin rolling around in the campaign mud in their bikinis.

Oh that’s right. Palin hasn’t announced her candidacy yet. She better hurry if she wants a chance at Bachmann.

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