Monday, August 29, 2011

Reason # 12 – Why sane people won’t vote for Michele Bachmann


In my ongoing series of reasons not to vote for bug-eyed Bachmann, I’m constantly amazed at the things she says.

Even as Irene was beginning its raking course up the East Coast over the weekend, which killed 21 people and caused widespread flooding and power outages, Bachmann told senior citizens in Poinciana, Florida, on Saturday that the hurricane was an "act of God" that Washington should heed.

So once again, Bachmann, self-appointed right-hand to God, has spoken to her minions. has there ever been a worse candidate for president? Well…maybe Sarah Palin.


"Of course she was saying it in jest," Alice Stewart, spokeswoman for Bachmann's campaign, told Reuters.

Of course she was kidding…just like she’s been doing throughout her campaign right? All this God talk is just an inside joke. Right?

I don’t think so…

Footnote: On the campaign trail she said she wants to eliminate the "job-killing" EPA.

Oh boy! That’ll be nice. No environmental controls for the energy industry. She doesn’t care if we drill in Alaska or the Florida Everglades. Taking a tip from sister wackaloon, Sarah Palin, Bachmann is saying, Drill baby, drill!”

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