Saturday, August 13, 2011

Will someone please explain to Bachmann that she’s not the president now?

Image: Republican U.S. presidential candidate and Minnesota Congresswoman Bachmann


Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll and she’s bugged-eyed with delight. Her fans are rolling in the aisles (some weird religious sect that she belongs to) and she’s talking about redecorating the White House so it looks like her husband’s federally subsidized Clinic.

Bachmann was born in Iowa, and the small sampling of people in the poll had plenty of pastors (wink! wink!) Tea Baggers, and probably family members in it.

Give it a break will you? That was a straw poll Bachmann…get it? No? Well take it from me, your not the president yet.

Really. I don’t care what your husband says. I know you have to be submissive to him, but this was a dry run in drought-stricken state. Cool off. 

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