Thursday, September 8, 2011

The first debate is all about Perry and Romney

110827_romney_perry_ap_605It was a two man debate last night. There were other candidates there…they just didn’t get as much time to jabber as these two magpies.

Perry called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme.” Romney stood up for it. The rest watched and hoped for a turn to say something…anything. Bachmann was a no-show. She left her “stuff” at home and just made a few meek outbursts.

Perhaps the most entertaining of the bunch was Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Boy is Paul out there! I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing his tinfoil hat. When Cain got the chance to speak he launched into sermons (he really does sound like a pastor) on the economy.


Perry, Romney twist records in debate


It’s hardly worth mentioning the rest of the pathetic crew. I enjoyed the touching moment when they all held hands and said they weren’t going to entertain their Democratic rivals by snipping at each other. Then they went about doing just that!


Fact Checking: who had them wrong?


Was their a winner? Hell no. What did you expect from a bunch of losers? It was just play time where they got to spew rhetoric. The only spark of sanity came from longshot Huntsman, who nailed the others on their stupid ass “pledges.”


Perry's Merck link in spotlight

"I want to get back to this Gardasil issue," Santorum said at one point. "You know, we have — Gov. Perry's out there and claiming about states' rights and states' rights. How about parental rights being more important than states' rights? … I am offended that the government would tell me, and by an executive order, without even going through the process of letting the people have any kind of input. I would expect this from President Obama. I would not expect this form someone who's calling himself a conservative governor."


There’s going to be four more of these silly little passion plays that are passing for debates this month. Stay tuned…and remember to bring a barf bag. 

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