Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New super PAC for Perry prepared to ‘blow away’ competition


Any doubts that the presidency is up for the highest bid has officially been wiped away…money is going to play a bigger part in this campaign than any other in history. That’s a fact.

“The new super PAC backing Rick Perry has drawn up plans to spend $55 million as part of an ambitious campaign strategy aimed at blowing away the Texas governor's rivals in early primary states and securing him the Republican nomination by next spring, according to internal committee documents obtained by NBC News.”

The gauntlet has been thrown.

“The documents underscore the central role that such super PACs — or super political action committees unconstrained by any limits on how much they can collect from wealthy donors and corporations — will play in the 2012 presidential election.”

There’s no more need for sneaking around campaign laws to spend more money. The Supreme Corporate Court has assured the bastards can spend unlimited amounts of money through these so-called super PACs. The PACs are supposed to be independent of the candidates campaign. What a load of shit that is!

“If it realizes its goals, the super PAC — which calls itself "Make Us Great Again" — will likely eclipse the financial operations of Perry's official presidential campaign committee, according to some Republican consultants.

"The super PAC will probably outspend the legal presidential deal," said Scott Reed, a veteran GOP strategist. "Look, these super PACs have changed the way presidential campaigns are run."

Yes super PACs have changed things. Now the crooks don’t have to hide their naked bid to buy the presidency.

“One of the prospective new ads, in an apparent attempt to play off the recent spate of bad weather news, depicts storm clouds of "recession, unemployment and debt" that, a narrator pronounces, "Barack Obama has brought" to Washington.”

I wonder how this ad will play out as Texas is fighting historic wildfires at the moment. If Perry intends to attribute every act of nature/God gone bad against Obama…then he’s got some explaining to do about his “miracle in Texas.” How will “Pastor Perry” appease his flock who are dancing through flames and smoke right now? Remember, Obama has nothing to do with Texas because it’s a blessed state under Perry and God’s protection. 

You can easily see what kind of campaign Perry and his minions are running…full of rhetoric and devoid of facts. Blaming Obama for the tough weather this year is just one more prime example. Like if Perry was the President none of these natural things would have happened because he’s the right hand of God (The uncontrolled fires in his state is going to be awkward to deal with but who cares?). Just what the Tea Party wants to hear!

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