Saturday, September 24, 2011

Since only dummies are running for presidency we should cancel the elections


That’s it…time to stop this farce!

There’s not one good candidate – Republican or Democrat – running for the presidency. They all have so many warts they resemble toads (or more accurately toadies).

The only thing to do is to kick out all of the morons in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives,  and start over with a clean slate.

The American people need to rise up and clean houses!If that means revolution…so be it. Perhaps we need an “Arab Spring” in the good old USA. Streets filled in every major city with Americans demanding imagesCA0AQPD2real change and an end to a minority - the “Haves” - ruling the “Have-not’s.”

We’ve reached an all time low in our political history. The system is breaking down as a minority – the Tea Party extremists - hold both houses hostage as demonstrated during the debt-ceiling crisis.

The world is witnessing our dysfunctional government and getting nervous. Once a model for all freedom-loving countries to copy, now democracy is under siege.

The answer, hold a new election in 2012 for every federal politician who is in office right now. I don’t care if they were just elected a year ago, or have been in power fifty years – they all have to go. A clean sweep. None can ever run again.

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That’s my take on this presidential parody and corrupt politicians.

If you agree…VOTE FOR ME!!

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