Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things are coming to a boil in the Tea Party

Tea Party Queens, Bachmann and Palin, team up briefly to attack Perry

Sarah Palin believes she’s the Queen of the Tea Party. That’s why she’s offended that fellow tea baggers are endorsing Perry. Of course, it’s also about staying in the limelight to make money, but down deep Palin can’t stand “Her Party” loving someone else.

Bachmann didn’t exactly team up with Palin, who she considers washed up, but she did join the attack on Perry’s conservative chops.

Meanwhile, Romney has to be delighted. With the upcoming GOP debate featuring tea bag lovers Perry and Bachmann fighting to prove who is the more extreme conservative, he’s going to be the only one who sounds sane.

Things are heating up in the Tea Party and the rhetoric is already steaming hot. Just wait until the debate. See you there.

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