Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flavor of the month: Herman Cain for President?

cain-pizzaHow many candidates are the Tea Partiers going to run through before they settle on someone to represent their party? Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, & Rick Perry have all been the “Tea Party flavor of the week” at one time or another but they’ve all seen their polling numbers drop very quickly.

Most recently Rick Perry has gone from front-runner to also-ran in a ridiculously short amount of time. These Tea Party folks don’t have much loyalty do they? If you’re a candidate they support and you say one single thing they don’t agree with (in this case it seems to be that Perry isn’t far right wing enough on immigration) then they immediately leave you for someone else.


Coinciding with Rick Perry’s quick slide has been Herman Cain’s quick rise. Cain appears to be the latest Tea Party flavor of the week (he says his flavor is “black walnut.”) How long will it last? Does anyone actually think Cain could really be the Republican nominee for President?

The far right lunatics that make up the Tea Party may have actually already turned on Cain because he had the audacity to say that the “n-word” is insensitive (re: this crazy Rick Perry story.) That’s just a funny thing about right wing racists; they call pointing out obvious racism “playing the race card.” Why? Because they’re absolutely nuts.


It’s this insanity that is the real core problem for the Republican Party of today; a large portion of their supporters are totally irrational and completely uninformed. The things a candidate has to say to appeal to these nuts are exactly the same things that will turn off the rest of America. Winning the Republican nomination may necessitate making yourself unelectable for the general election.

The situation reminds me of the Senate races in Nevada and Delaware last year when crazy Tea Party candidates Sharron Angle & Christine O’Donnell won the GOP nominations only to get crushed in the general elections.

It’s hard to know what will happen next in this rather bizarre Republican primary, but if I had to bet I’d place my money on Mitt Romney ending up with the nomination, basically by default. The Republicans just don’t have anyone else running this year who is even close to presidential material. I think they’re stuck with Romney.


Romney will pander to the far right enough to win the nomination and then in the general election he’ll flip back towards the middle to try to peel independents from President Obama believing (probably accurately unless there’s a real 3rd party challenger) that those on the far right will vote for him no matter what because of their irrational baseless hatred of the President.


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