Friday, October 14, 2011

Perry has plans to ‘drill baby, drill’


It appears Texas Gov. Rick “wannabe pastor” Perry has decided to change tactics after getting his ass kicked in the last few debates and in all the national polls.

His new siren call to conservatives is “Drill, Baby Drill.” Perry's plan for new energy exploration would include the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

He’s also claiming that he’ll produce one million American jobs in his first 100 days in office! Oh really? I’d like to see that on paper. It sounds slick (as expected from spin central) when you say one million jobs in 100 days…but it’s a ridiculous claim that’s completely unsubstantiated.  

Perry also plans on weakening (if not destroying) the Environmental Protection Agency. He doesn’t think anyone should have authority to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. In his world pollution is good and a necessary byproduct in the pursuit of money. And while he’s dismantling America’s energy program Perry plans to eliminate federal subsidies for industry sectors such as ethanol and oil and gas production.

Yes, Perry is getting ready to roll out Phase Two in his pathetic campaign. His wife has been telling anyone who’ll listen that the other candidates are picking on her hubby and should stop it. Maybe they’ll agree with his energy plan in the next debate. Don’t count Pastor Perry out yet…

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