Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Perry & Romney really getting into name-calling

On one hand, there’s Texas Gov.Rick Perry who has a love affair with guns (he killed his first animal two days after learning to walk and cock a BB Gun) and on the other you have Mitt Romney who’d squeal like a little girl if a gun went off near him.

It’s John Wayne against Don Knotts. David versus Goliath. Godzillia versus Gumby. When it comes to tough Perry has the credentials. He’s signed more executions than any other governor in the country. If he can’t shoot ‘em, he give’s ‘em lethal injections. All plus points for an extreme conservative.

Romney comes across like Big Bird trying to convince people how tough he is on stuff. His biggest asset is the ability to say the right things to the right audience at the right time. The guy’s a money pit and can relate to the elite – the 1% ers – with smiling gusto.

Among the lurking Conservatives looking for a loon to lead the country, Perry comes across as God’s chosen and is extreme enough to carry the Tea Party vote. Romney comes across like – well I have to say it, “a Mormon!” Another strike against him, he’s closer to being sane and doesn’t think religion should play a part in politics.

Doesn’t Romney’s campaign manager realize he’s not enough of a character to attract most of the Conservative vote? I guess not, but then moneys no object and Romney may yet emerge with a personality worthy of challenging John Wayne Rick Perry.

The competition between the two is heating up and their both running nasty ad campaigns. Each debate seems to become more personal. Who knows? They may even slap it out during the next debate!

That’s sure to get some votes for both of them among the GOP faithful. Especially for the one that slaps the hardest!

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