Friday, October 28, 2011

Time to come clean Perry–are you heading for your last rhetoric roundup?


I know Rick Perry has committed to the next debate in Michigan on November 9 but, according to campaign spokesman Ray Sullivan, the governor’s participation in future debates is very much up in the air.

So why not clear the air now? Listen up partner – it’s time to get your head out of your ass:

Is having your ass handed to you every debate too much? Is it time for you to pick up your spurs and go home?

C’mon pilgrim…where’s that fighting Texan spirit? I know it must be frustrating falling of your horse so much in front of your competition, but you have to buck up!

No one is going buy the crap you got Sullivan shoveling to the media. Admit it, you’re shaking in your boots. You’re afraid Romney or Cain are going to call you out at high noon again. John Wayne would be ashamed of you.

The dominant narrative in the race to date — pushed by your weak debate performances — has been that you’re not ready for primetime Perry. Is that it?

Are you peeing your pants at the thought of having to focus on specifics about what you’ll do if elected? Then it’s time to head for the sunset and hope everyone will forget about your last rhetoric roundup.


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