Monday, November 21, 2011

Back by popular demand: What I’ll do if elected


As you can see, my presidential platform is built out of redwood trees – a nod to where my grass root campaign first sprang up behind the Redwood Curtain.

What does Dave stand for?

That’s the pesky question some people want to know. Here you go:

1. Government Transparency:

No more backdoor deals. Anything of importance with the feds is currently decided in plush offices and out of earshot of the press and the people. What the public sees (when these politicos emerge) is a staged drama between the two party’s where scare tactics are routinely used to sway the sheeple. How many times have you wondered why our government has to be so sly? what the hell is really being said?

2. Dismantling the power of lobbies that corrupt our government process:

Obama said he’d get rid of the lobbyists but didn’t wait until he was in office for 90 days before he appointed a pack of ex-lobbyists to key government positions. that’s bullshit.

I see lobbyists as a cancer in our political process that needs to be removed by all means possible.

I realize that this is going to piss off the wealthy, the industrial complex, and the corporations who currently rule America.

(Photo) A view of my platform

I may have a short presidency, but while I’m alive and able, I’ll legalize lynching lobbyists that try to burrow into our government for special interests.

3. I’ll restore the middle class by making the corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and quit giving federal money to oil companies already reaping obscene profits.

The wealthy in this country aren’t going to like me any more than the lobbyists will. I’m going for a flat tax FOR ALL AMERICANS. I don’t care how famous, rich, or politically connected they are, everyone will pay a flat rate of 2 %  You’ll be surprised how much that would bring in to fight the national debt.

In essence, I will break down the class structure that has evolved for the minority who rule, and rebuild it with a majority rule. All citizens will be treated as equals when it comes to health care and other important aspects of society. A real Democracy.

That’s enough for today. Yes, there are any other issues I will be discussing in the next year, and where I stand on them. As It Stands, VOTE FOR DAVE  

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