Thursday, November 3, 2011

Campaigning two years ahead of elections is ruining the economy


I like to be right out front about the massive waste of time spent campaigning for seats in Congress and for the Presidency – it’s total bullshit! Look at what’s happening…

No job bills are going to get passed because the Party of No is busy giving Obama the finger at the expense of the 99% ers.

You, and I, are to blame because all of those nitwits we voted into office are more concerned about staying there for as long as they can.

 Republicans and Democrats both put partisanship above country. Just going by what I see.

How dysfunctional is our government under the throes of career pols being re-elected? Well, let’s put it this way: don’t count on any improvements here in the states, or in our diplomatic dealings with the rest of the world. 

Former US secretary of state James Baker predicted Wednesday that there would be no breakthrough in Arab-Israeli peace talks before the US elections next year. I guess that pretty much sums up how effective we are in negotiating with our world partners right now.

The USA is like a lumbering giant trying to keep it’s balance in this depression. I call it that, because it’s worse than a recession. And with these morons in office worrying about being re-elected, the country has suffered like never before. Reality is putting Americans in a deep freeze thanks to posturing politicians.

We’re frozen and polarized and as we settle into winter I suspect it’s going to be one for the ages – both climate-wise and career-wise - for those clowns who are so damned worried about being re-elected!

They better look to the streets because there’s a lot of pissed off people out there, from coast to coast, who are ready to see some REAL CHANGE in 2012!  

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