Sunday, November 13, 2011

GOP debate features war talk-Iran…you’re next!

Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran…

It was time for the GOP Hawks to say how he or she would destroy Iran.

“The Republican presidential contenders met in a debate on foreign policy Saturday with the question of Iran atop the agenda.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said as president he’d order covert operations to stop the Iranian regime from building nuclear weapons, with options including “taking out their scientists” and “breaking the regime and bringing it down.” 

And he added, “all of it (is) deniable,” that is, he as president would deny that the United States was behind the operations.”

If you missed this debate you lost out on seeing a lot of posturing. Michele Bachmann (in her best tough guy voice) said she was for “waterboarding.” Ron Paul thought she was nuts and said he wouldn’t use torture, that it was un-American.

It was truly a night of tough talk. Hard core conservatives watching the debate were able to get their “war on” while watching the chicken hawk candidates cluck.

Another inspiring debate. 

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