Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Keeping score during the primaries isn’t easy


                   Who is the front runner?


I keep hearing Romney is the fall back guy when the rest of the contenders flame out. I agree with that assessment up to a point because:

a) There are no sexual harassment charges filed against Romney unlike citizen Cain.

b) Unlike the Pizza magnate Cain, Romney knows what happened in Libya.


c) Romney can stand in front of an audience and not sound like a jackass like Pastor Perry whose lucky if he can remember the third government agency he’d eliminate if elected president.


(I know Pastor Perry recovered later and bleated “The Department of Energy!” like he had discovered OZ…but that just doesn’t cut it….)

d) Unlike Bug Eye Bachmann, Romney knows his American history. backmann is nuts

(He also looks so calm next to Bachmann who always looks like she’s going to jump out of her skin)     

e) Romney doesn’t wear a tin foil cap proudly like Ron Paul who babbles about ideology and sometimes even about reality…


f) Romney has more name recognition than Rick Santorum (who?) and Jon. Huntsman, Jr. put together multiplied my 250,000

I could go on but you get the idea. History may call on Mitt Romney…

I doubt it though.

My pick for the last candidate standing is…


     Newt Gingrich!

Don’t be surprised if you’re watching him debate with Obama next year.

I’m just saying…

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