Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guess what? It’s time for AD WARS!

With less than four weeks until the Iowa caucuses, the TV ad war in the Republican race is underway.

Ron Paul went up with the first negative ad; Gingrich is now hitting the airwaves; and so is Romney. But guess who is leading the ad race so far: Rick Perry.

In fact, according to a Republican ad-tracking source, Perry appears to be making a last stand of sorts. His campaign has placed a $1 million buy over the next three weeks in Iowa, and the pro-Perry Super PAC Make Us Great Again has booked $1.2 million on broadcast TV in Iowa and South Carolina over that same period of time (but they don’t coordinate, right?).

And don’t lose sight of the candidate in second place in ad spending: Ron Paul. Below are the updated ad-spending numbers (and they include money for both TV and radio ads): -- Overall: Perry: $5.1 million; Paul: $2.6 million; Make Us Great Again (pro-Perry): $2.5 million; Our Destiny PAC (pro-Huntsman): $1.4 million; Romney: $674,000; Gingrich: $233,000; Bachmann $166,000 (but hasn’t been on air since August); Santorum: $23,000.
-- Iowa: Perry $3.9 million; Paul $1.2 million; Make Us Great Again $1.1 million; Romney $322,000; Gingrich $233,000; Bachmann $166,000 (zero since August); Santorum $17,000.
-- New Hampshire: Our Destiny PAC $1.4 million; Paul $430,000; Romney $352,000; Perry $234,000
-- South Carolina: Make Us Great Again $1.4 million; Paul $57,000

(information source)

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