Sunday, December 4, 2011

Republican Senators Vote To Raise Middle Class Taxes


My position on taxes is simple: raise them on the wealthy and the corporations.

The mealy-mouthed bunch of career politicians in Congress are going to pay the price for screwing the middle class when election time comes up. Republicans and Democrats alike.

While the Republicans often talk about the importance of tax cuts, the truth is they are only concerned about low taxes for the very wealthy. It’s obvious by the way they are blocking this extension of the payroll tax cut that they do not care about low taxes for average middle class Americans.

Every Republican Senator but one, Susan Collins of Maine, voted down an extension of the payroll tax cut. A vast majority of Democratic Senators (all but three) voted for the payroll tax cut extension which is also strongly supported by President Obama.

If this payroll tax cut is not extended before the end of the year then the average American household will see a tax increase of $1000.

The White House has set up this online calculator so you can see for yourself how much the Republicans are going to cost you in tax increases unless they change their minds and decide to support President Obama’s middle class tax cut extension.

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  1. Dave you didn't mention if the Senate bill was approved.


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