Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa results:Pass out the crying towels please

After the results of yesterday’s Republican caucus in Iowa some candidates are facing up to the fact that the race is narrowing down to Romney and Santorum.

imagesCA81DPK1 Reality finally caught up to Michele Bachmann as voters ignored her. She announced that she was stepping down after her dismal showing.

Santorum only lost by 8 votes to Romney and appears to be the latest in the “not Romney” candidate parade. Is it my imagination, or do these two look alike?

We’ll know more about how they both fare after New Hampshire.

Unfazed, Rick Perry tweets: 'Here we come South Carolina' .


Despite finishing in 5th place, Perry is unconcerned because of the Super Pac supporting him.

He still believes that God will make his followers vote for him because…

well because.


Ron Paul is still in the race after finishing in 3rd place.

An interesting note about Paul’s followers: most are under 30 years-old.

Don’t you wish all these dog and pony shows were over and it was time to vote? I’m already sick of talking about the morons I’m competing against!

Vote Dave in 2012.

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