Monday, January 30, 2012

A pause from the GOP primary and more about me

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As you know, I’m running for president.

By now, you don’t have to ask why.

Picking me makes more sense than selecting any of the corrupt candidates – Republican or Democrat.

I’ll legalize marijuana if elected.

I’ll institute a flat tax that will do away with the complicated tax system which is currently exploited by the rich.

I’ll make sure ALL Americans have health care. I don’t give a damn what my competition wants to call it – Universal payer system – socialism – etc. But, I’ll make it a priority.

The Department of Defense is going to howl like wounded wolves when I’m done making cutbacks. I intend to back our military out of the 126 countries they ‘re in now.

We don’t need troops on the ground in Afghanistan. Or South Korea, because they’d just be overwhelmed by the million man Army North Korea would field. We have drones and nukes and that’s all that is necessary for 21st Century warfare.

Did I mention that all lobbyists would be given 24 hours after my election to clear out of Washington D.C.? After that, any found would be fair game for tar & feathering, or whatever other fun locals might like to have with up waterboarding.

That’s only for starters.

Vote Dave in November. 



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