Monday, February 6, 2012

Will Obama be re-elected because of GOP failure to find a good candidate?

Here’s a question you’ve got to ask yourself:

Will President Obama be re-elected because there was no competition worth mentioning?

The last four GOP candidates standing are less than inspirational to Republican voters thus far. This has to bode well for Obama.

By better than 2 to 1, Americans say the more they learn about Romney, the less they like him” – according to new polling from Washington Post/ABC News. The story is even worse for Newt Gingrich (3 to 1 against.)

According to this poll President Obama holds a 52% to 43% lead over Mitt Romney among all Americans, although that lead shrinks to 51% to 45% when only registered voters are included. Considering this, it is no wonder that the Republicans are waging a war on voting; the less people vote, the better it is for the GOP.”

Mitt Romney won the GOP caucuses in Nevada Saturday as expected, but the real story is the very low turnout which shows how unenthusiastic Republican voters are about this lackluster field of Republican candidates.

Over 116,000 Democrats caucused in Nevada in 2008. Today less than 35,000 Republicans thought it was worth their time to cast a vote for Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum.”

Right now I’m just short of calling this race for President Obama.

Please don’t take that as an endorsement because it isn’t. It’s an observation based on what’s happening with the GOP’s effort to field a credible candidate.

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