Monday, March 19, 2012

Latest lie by Romney: ‘Obama wants the gas prices to skyrocket’ – say what?

As the price of gasoline has risen in the last few weeks, so too has the rhetoric of gas prices.

Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney says the president wants the price of gas to be high, claiming it would further his energy agenda.

I think some of Mitt’s advisors are slipping him spiked martinis, because the last thing Obama wants right now is for the economy to tank because of high gas prices. That doesn’t look good on a resume in an election year.

Anyone with common sense knows that. That explains why the king of flip-flop policies is still plunging ahead with the following rhetoric and lies:

There's one promise he's kept (Obama). One promise he's kept. When he campaigned he said he wanted to raise the price of gasoline. He said that under him, energy costs would skyrocket. And then he brought in a trio of people to help him implement those policies."

An independent fact check by the Washington Post awarded three Pinocchios – the newspaper’s measure, on a scale of one to five, that measures accuracy – to a similar claim by a Louisiana congressman that the president "got his wish" with $4-per-gallon-gasoline. The Romney campaign did not respond to a request to clarify when Obama made such a claim.” (source)

Meanwhile, Eye-of-the-Newt Gingrich has been spreading his own bullshit promise to restore $2.50 gasoline. Not to be out-pledged or out promised, Mitt has pledged numerous times to drill, drill, and drill some more for oil.

Here’s the thing; no president can throw a switch and bring the price of gas down. Never happened, and never will. That simplistic claim shows how stupid these GOP presidential wannabes think the public is. I also suspect the GOP primary candidates don’t have a clue how the gas pricing system really works.

The way they talk a person might think there must be something simple that could be done. Too bad life is more complicated than that.

If the GOP and their supporters insist on continuing this impossible argument then they need to explain this. They need to give examples of what could be done - realistically!

Otherwise, they and their supporters are just talking trash again. It’s the “throw out shit” approach, and hope someone else mindless agrees because their conservative and hate Obama.

In the end, that approach will backfire when the voters are not all Republicans in a general election.

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  1. dave - you're right about the candidates but i'd like to offer a small correction. your comment 'That simplistic claim shows how stupid these GOP presidential wannabes think the public is.' is correct- the problem is, is so are romney et al. the public (at least the candidates' constituencies) apparently IS that stupid. which is sad and frightening, but inescapably true. it's part of what i call the dumbing down of america. for whatever reasons, it seems as though members of the GOP have traded in their thinking caps for lobotomies. i see very little evidence that the hard-line, far-right-wing republicans are able to generate any original thoughts -- their bullshit filters are broken, they suffer from memory loss (witness mitt's inexplicable ability to convince them that he's always been conservative), and most importantly, they all seem to be closet racists. a scary dangerous group of anti-evolutionists. (note: OMG doesn't stand for oh my god, it stands for obama must go.)

    anyway, i stumbled upon your site while trying to find some info about some nonsensical thing ( i don't even remember right now what it was), and was intrigued enough by your comments to poke around. keep up the good work, please.
    your friend,
    lenette (


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