Thursday, March 29, 2012

Newt reshuffles campaign staff for 3rd time

Newt goes terminator again and shakes up his campaign staff.

A third of his paid staff is being laid off, and he’s replacing his campaign manager again. Because of his poor showings the money is not coming in and he’s had to cut back in several areas including campaign appearances.

News of the cutbacks were first reported by Politico.

For some reason, only known to Newt, he thinks if he’s still standing in July at the GOP Convention that he will suddenly overwhelm his opposition.

Furthermore, Newt must believe all those delegates Sketch Romney and Rick Tantorum have been gathering are going to have a change of mind when they’re all under the same tent and cross over to his Newtness.

So Newt is going to stay in the race hell or high water, because you know…people could change their mind and not think he’s an idiot. Not!

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