Saturday, March 31, 2012

Perry thumbs nose at Texas taxpayers

Wannabe pastor and current governor of Texas, Rick Perry, told Texas taxpayers to quit whining about the security costs for his failed presidential bid.

“Bushie did it!” he smirked. True, but it cost taxpayers twice as much for Perry who was never more than a puppet for tea party goons and other wackaloons. 

From the media:

“Texas taxpayers spent $3.6 million paying for Gov. Rick Perry's state-provided security as he flew around the country during his brief Republican presidential campaign, the state said Friday — money that Democrats want him to pay back.

Catherine Frazier, a spokeswoman for Perry, said Friday in a statement: "Governor Perry is governor of Texas no matter where he travels, and it is unfortunate we live in a world where security is a top concern, but that is the reality. Providing security detail for the governor's family is a customary policy that dates back numerous administrations."

It's likely that some taxpayers won't be satisfied with that answer, because Bush's campaign cost the state on average half of what Perry's cost, even when the figures are adjusted for inflation.” (source)

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