Friday, April 13, 2012

Michelle Obama endorses husband on 'Colbert' show

First lady Michelle Obama told Comedy Central talk show host Stephen Colbert she'll be working hard for her husband's re-election -- even if she is more popular than he is.

"He has been a phenomenal president," Mrs. Obama told the faux conservative Colbert. "He's my man."

Colbert kidded Mrs. Obama about her approval ratings, asking: "Do you lord over the president the fact that you're more popular than he is? Do you ever say, like, 'hey, watch it or I might not campaign for you.'"

The first lady joked: "I might try that when I get home."

Mrs. Obama made the appearance on The Colbert Report to promote the one-year anniversary of her Joining Forces initiative on behalf of military families.

"People have really been stepping up in some amazing ways," she said. "We've seen people hiring our veterans and finding wonderful flexible opportunities for spouses, because employment is a key issue for these families."

Reports ABC News:

While unemployment for returning veterans is above the national average, Mrs. Obama said "we're seeing it decrease at some pretty significant rates."

"But until we get to zero, we still have a lot of work to do," she said. "These people are bringing in skills that actually improve the bottom line of companies because these are some of the most highly trained, highly skilled, disciplined people that we have in our society, the best this country has to offer. So we all need to do our part."

Colbert joked that hiring a veteran is also a good idea because "with the stories he tells of his previous jobs, it will really make the interoffice complaining sound trivial."

The first lady agreed. "It's hard to be a whiner around a veteran," she said.

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