Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obama continues to resist drug reform despite South American countries interest in doing so


Legalization of marijuana – and overall drug reform – is going to be a hot topic for voters to consider during this presidential race.

Despite Obama’s campaign promises not to harass  medical marijuana patients and dispensaries, his administration is making Bush’s war on drugs look like a preemptive strike.

It’s obvious Obama is going to continue the policy of bullying other countries into going along with our drug laws. The latest proof came yesterday when Obama made it know to Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, that the US has no intention of backing off on it’s drug policies.

I wonder how long these countries who are looking to reform their drug laws will take Obama’s shit? I think we are looking at the start of an international effort to break away from America’s lost war on drugs.

A while back I wrote a column about this subject:

Growing global movement to legalize drugs faces uphill battle

Recent news release:

“CARTAGENA, Colombia -- President Obama said Saturday that he is open to a debate about current drug laws but that he believes legalizing narcotics could lead to even greater problems in those countries hardest hit by trafficking and violence.
Obama told Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Saturday that he is willing to discuss whether current laws are "doing more harm than good."
But "legalization is not the answer," Obama said.”

Read the rest of the story here.

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