Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Silly-assed sparing in the early rounds of the election set tone

Yet to be crowned GOP champion, Mitt “Sketch-Flip-Flop” Romney, is counting on a campaign of silly-assed non-issues to keep people engaged in his campaign while he waits for his coronation in July.

Here’s how it works: a Democrat, or Republican, anywhere in the country that says anything stupid is immediately seized upon and linked to Romney, or to Obama. It doesn’t matter if the person never met Obama, or vice versa with Romney. 

The Mommy Wars is a recent example of making nothing out of nothing…and being proud of it by God! I’m sure we have many more foolish incidents ahead where so-called adults will stoop to outright name calling while burnishing their extreme credentials.

This ritual we call a general election, seems to became nastier every time around. As political pundits from both party’s spar like jackasses…the real issues Americans are concerned with get kicked to the curb! 

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