Thursday, May 3, 2012

Election 2012 Twilight Zone moment: Michele Bachman attempts to unify GOP

Suddenly, Bug-eyed Bachman is back in the limelight after making a fool of herself while running for president.

Quick: who provided the most gaffes and best laughs in the GOP primaries?

The words is out that she’s endorsing Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney during a campaign event today in Portsmouth, Virginia.

But what about last December when she said:

“It's not going to happen with Mitt Romney,” she assured a crowd inside a diner in Onawa, Iowa, on Dec. 27th

Oh well. That was then. This is now.

Romney is reportedly delighted with her endorsement because he thinks she’s a Tea Party leader who will give him the right wing loon vote in November.

Here’s the deal:

Bachmann’s former campaign manager, Keith Nahigian, insists the endorsement is outside the realm of politics, pointing to a friendship that developed between the two candidates last fall.

Well shit…that’s confusing. What is it anyway? Is Bachman endorsing him on behalf of the Tea Party Movement, or is she endorsing him as a pal that just wants him to win?

Because if it’s the later, Richie Rich is going to be deeply disappointed – not to mention pissed he didn’t get a “Big Time” Tea Party leader with lots of little loons that can vote.

Can you blame him? That woman is crazy.

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