Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Party Smack Down: It’s about the label folks, not solving American’s problems

    Partisan puppets.

Election year gridlock, on top of partisan wars is highlighting how useless our members of Congress have become. 

Congress is producing little this election year that will become law, yet both parties are churning out bills designed to make the other side look bad.

Take a look at separate measures that would protect women from violence, keep student loan rates low and build roads and bridges.

Each is a widely shared goal and seemingly easy to enact. But the proposals are caught in pitched battles, each party adding language that infuriates the other.

As a result, the Democratic-led Senate and Republican-run House are writing legislation that dies right away or is assured of going nowhere in the other chamber. Instead of laws, the bills generate grist for fundraising pitches and campaign attack ads.

The real hard part for voters is picking one of the jackasses for president despite knowing that neither will prioritize them, and they are party puppets.


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