Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama and Romney spar on economy

Okay…just imagine, if you will, that we’re in an alternate universe and political candidates really spar – as in putting on boxing gloves and going a few rounds with headgear on.

When November rolls around the headgear comes off, the gloves get smaller, and winner takes all in a scheduled 10-round boxing match.

Gotta admit that’s an exciting thought. Just think how much more interesting politics would be? Especially presidential elections.

Don’t worry, there would still be certain criteria to be eligible to run as president.

First, you can’t be a professional boxer.

Second, you must be able to spell (that will eliminate most hulking morons). That’s right, Dan Quayle would have never gotten into politics in this universe.

Third, previous rules still apply in addition to the above.

Now that I have your interest, who do you think would win in a fight like this? Just the thought gets my juices going…

Obama loops a LEFT to Romney’s hair cut!

Romney swings a wild RIGHT at Obama and knocks out the ref!

WOOOO! Woooooo Fun!


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