Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sen. McCain claims national security leaks are coming from the Obama administration for political gain

Mccain Leaks

You know it’s an election year when the shit starts hitting the wall.

Sen. John McCain has gladly tossed the first official turds for the Republican camp.

The game is afoot. 

“The Obama administration disputed claims Wednesday from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and others that it had revealed national security secrets to reporters for its own political gain.

White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked about McCain's call Tuesday for an investigation into leaks of classified information, following two front-page New York Times articles last week describing President Barack Obama's terrorist "kill list" and the U.S. government's use of cyberweapons against Iran.

"This administration takes all appropriate and necessary steps to prevent leaks of classified information or sensitive information that could risk ongoing counterterrorism or intelligence operations," Carney said. "Any suggestion that this administration has authorized intentional leaks of classified information for political gain is grossly irresponsible.”

UPDATE: McCain responded Wednesday to Carney's remark in a statement.

"The White House today claimed that my criticism of the Administration’s involvement in, and culpability for, leaks of sensitive and classified information is 'grossly irresponsible,'" he said. "No, what is grossly irresponsible is U.S. officials divulging some of the most highly classified programs involving the most important national security priorities facing our nation today."

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