Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ann Romney sticks up for her Money Mogul

The wife of Mutt doesn’t want people to see his tax records because she’s afraid they will add fuel to the fire surrounding his returns. What the hell does that mean?

When listening to the above video one thing struck me as very telling; when asked about her husband’s tax returns Ann Romney said, in a very imperious voice, “That’s all YOU PEOPLE need to know.” Okay…I wonder what she means about you people? The media, or the public? Perhaps both.

Despite the fact that presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle have traditionally released all – or a major part – of their tax returns, Mutt refuses to. Both of the Bushes did and believe me, neither were ‘open” kind of guys.

Mutt is out to set a new standard. Or new low, it depends on how you want to look at it. If you have no problem voting for a guy who hides a large part of his money overseas, and has so many tax write-offs he doesn’t even pay taxes (why else hide his tax returns?) - Mutt might be your boy.

What would happen if he did release those records? What skeletons would be exposed? We’re not going to find out if Mutt and his royal Mormon bride can help it!

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