Thursday, July 5, 2012

Was theft of 'VOTE SATAN' sign a hate crime?

Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney and President Obama were running a close race until Satan decided to enter the fray.

Then reports like this started springing up:

“A Colorado couple says they are the victim of a hate crime because someone stole a “VOTE SATAN” sign from their front porch, but police say the incident sounds more like simple theft.

Luigi and Angie Bellaviste describe themselves as Satanists who belong to the Church of Satan, an organization “dedicated to the acceptance of man’s true nature – that of a carnal beast.” They believe whoever cut down the fabric sign from the porch of their home in Mountain View, a suburb of Denver, was targeting them because of their religious beliefs.”


Other Satan supporters from around the country have been reporting a swing vote of defrocked Catholics and Mormons swelling their ranks.

Now that the Devil is running we can at least say we have a choice in this presidential election! I’ve always advocated for a three-party system. This ought to heat things up a bit….

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