Thursday, August 16, 2012

Barry Beer? White-House Brewed Booze Goes on the Campaign Trail

Image: President Barack Obama gets a beer and a pork chop

Remember Billy Beer?

 I’m sure ex-president Bill Clinton would like to forget about that chapter in his family history.

Barry Beer is hitting the campaign trail and is making a splash with potential voters in Iowa, and with Americans in general who think drinking booze is really an okay thing to do.

Actually drinking micro  brews is a trendy thing, but I digress. The real reason those bottles of White House Honey Ale are being swigged in the heartland is to show the contrast between Barry and Mutt (a Mormon who can’t drink alcohol).

Cynical? Perhaps…but I bet it gets him some votes.

Image: A bottle of home-brewed White House Honey Ale beer

Via Reuters:

President Barack Obama has stocked up on a new all-American campaign prop — White House-brewed beer.

During his bus tour across the battleground state of Iowa, the president on Tuesday gave a bottle of the brew, known as White House Honey Ale, to a patron of a Knoxville, Iowa, coffee shop when the subject of beer came up.

While it was the first time the branded beer grabbed wide attention from the press corps on the campaign trail, a White House official said the president and first lady have made a habit of occasionally traveling with bottles of the beer made at a small brewery at the White House.” Read the full story here.

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