Tuesday, August 14, 2012

'Romney Girl' music video hits GOP contender on taxes

Meet the sexy Swiss Miss Bank Account and rock out to this hot video!

The Agenda Project Action Fund, the same group that created the infamous “Granny Off the Cliff” ad, has released a new advertisement that claims to showcase the unnamed source Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) cited when he suggested that presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for a decade.

Romney Girl Official Website

The video, “Romney Girl,” is a satirical music video that uses the tune of the 1997 Aqua dance hit “Barbie Girl.”

In 2010, Miss Swiss left Geneva (after safely depositing all of her own money into a Swiss bank account) and moved to Searchlight, Nevada, where she joined a small Swiss expat community of retired yodelers and milkmaids. It was there she bumped into Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid while burning his book “The Good Fight” during a local sheep-shearing festival. Miss Swiss told Senator Reid about Mr. Romney’s tax avoidance “because I thought it was so funny that a Senator would actually think that rich people pay taxes! So silly!” Miss Swiss has not heard from Mr. Romney since he began his Presidential run, but believes he is following her on Twitter @realromneygirl.
In her free time, Miss Swiss, AKA Romney Girl, enjoys watching sitcoms like Fox & Friends, climbing the Swiss Alps, making cheese fondue, and listening to her favorite pop band Aqua.
Romney Girl recently gained public attention for inadvertently informing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that that Mitt Romney had paid zero taxes in the last ten years. (source)

During the course of the video, the eponymous Romney Girl, labeled “Swiss Miss Bank Account” in the video, carouses around New York City in an open-top, pink convertible with her pal “Mitt.” (Source)

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