Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mutt – Mexican Anchor Baby – Releases Fake Birth Certificate


For the past week Donald Trump has been bringing new verve to the birther babble as only he can.

His revival of this nonsense corresponded to an upswing in his duties as a surrogate for Mitt Romney. For his part, Romney has pretended to distance himself from Trump’s birtherism even as he embraced Trump personally and leaned on his ability to pander to the mental deficient who still think that President Obama is a Manchurian alien sent from Kenya to hand America over to godless Muslim socialists.

Today, even though Romney has been fiercely denying that birtherism will play any role in his campaign, Romney released a copy of his own birth certificate:The question is, why would Romney do this at this time? Has anyone asked him for his birth certificate (well, besides me)? If he isn’t interested in the issue, why would he raise it again by doing this? And clearly he has had time to consider the matter.

Note that the certificate has a “date issued” on it of January 18, 2012. So Romney has been sitting on this for five months waiting for the right time – which must have come today as Trump was still beating the drums of this conspiracy.

However, it needs to be noted that the document that Romney provided is not an authentic birth certificate. It is a “certificate of live birth.” When Obama released a similar document it was dismissed by birthers as insufficient and evidence that he was trying to hide something. So what is Romney trying to hide?
Could it have something to do with his father’s citizenship. This document states that Mitt’s father was born in Mexico making Mitt an anchor baby at best.

Therefore, Mitt cannot be eligible to be president because, according to birthers, he is not a natural born citizen of two citizen parents. Amidst this foolishness there is a far more serious matter that also concerns the release of documents. That’s because Romney still refuses to release more than a single year of his tax returns.

Obama has already released twelve years of his tax returns. Romney’s father, George, also released twelve years of returns when he ran for president in 1968. Romney has plenty to hide because
many of those years will contain information about his investments and potential conflicts of interest.

It would be nice if the media would devote some of the time they waste on Trump to asking why Romney fears being more forthcoming with regard to his finances – an issue that he has placed at the top of his justifications for being president. (source)

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