Saturday, August 18, 2012

Presidential campaign gets nastier–get over it!

The Lame-St News is complaining this presidential campaign is a really ugly, and the two candidates are putting on a despicable display of name-calling that needs to stop right now!

I don’t think so.C’mon folks, the fun is just getting underway. Watching these two political puppets exchange blows has been fascinating. Their exchanges might not be the same body blows as in past presidential campaigns (I’m thinking about the 1880s when politics often degenerated into punching…literally).

imagesCA9BMYO0 I’m having fun waiting to see who will cry

“Uncle!” first!

Neither one of these clowns are a heavyweight, so their punches don’t carry much authority.

For the life of me I can’t see why people are complaining. This is what presidential politics are all about in the 21st Century. Just like in the 17th Century, and the 18th Century, and the 19th Century, and the 20th Century.

Get over it! It’s mostly all bark with little bite, but I still enjoy a good fight!


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