Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Will Sarah Palin be allowed to attend the GOP Convention?

Sarah Palin has been popping up (and off) a lot recently.

Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz appreciated her help campaigning in his upset primary victory.

Of course, Cruz will work with anyone, even Martians.

Others haven't been as kind.

 Darth “Darkside” Cheney, who knows more than anyone about the process, said it was a mistake to pick her as vice presidential candidate in 2008 since she wasn't qualified to be president. Can you imagine?

On Mutt’s worst day in London, British officials called him "worse than Sarah Palin." And CNN introduced a segment about her to the song "Stupid Girls."

Think the GOP will welcome her to the convention?

Don't Go Faking You're Smart
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From our new album Take the Money and Run for President (2012)

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