Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paulie prepares for his debate with Joey

As all political junkies know, Joey and Paulie are going to have a date debate on October 11th.

Conservatives are salivating for a fight.

The thinking is that Paulie is much younger and if he could sucker punch Joey he could win a decisive victory.

A lot of daydreaming Republicans are spoiling for the matchup, which they also see as pitting Paulie, with his magical command of budget facts and ability to lie like a rug, against an outclassed Joey, whom they rightly portray as gaffe-prone idiot.

By now, you’ve probably guessed this isn’t going to be a debate remembered in the politics Hall of Fame. Don’t expect a Lincoln vs Stephens classic display of wit, cunning, and words for the ages.

Not going to happen. What will happen is a hundred sound bytes spawned and spun until no one even recognizes what went down between the two competing Veeps!

I probably should mention that I’ve selected my Veep (after careful and thoughtful consideration): Daffy Duck.

He’s going to be my attack bird baffling the other two attack dogs for Mutt and Barry.

Vote Dave on November 6th (my birthday is on the 7th - so give me something to celebrate!)


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